Saturday, January 5, 2013

Big News!!

I have waited a very long time to be able to say this: I'm planning on moving back to Utah! Not just thinking about it, but actually planning. In the past several years when I've prayed about moving to Utah, the answer has been no or not yet. After much fasting and prayer I finally got the permission from Graham that I never thought I would get. He said he understands if I need to move back to Utah, and that I will be able to take the kids with me. When I asked Heavenly Father if I should move, the answer was "start looking into it". I actually haven't done much with that answer because I all of the sudden got the answers from Heavenly Father and permission from Graham, two things I thought would never happen, and I was scared to take action. There has been an ever increasing in prompting from the Spirit to move. After a conversation with a wise friend last night, I'm finally ready to take action and trust that the Lord will provide a way.

I spent about an hour looking at jobs in the Wasatch front today. I found 7 ophthalmic jobs in which all of them I'm well qualified. Versus about 1 job each month here in Spokane. There is an 8th one that is for a frame sales rep. Other than being an optometrist or an LDO (licensed dispensary optician, which takes at least 8 years to obtain in WA) frame sales rep are the next highest paying jobs in the industry. With my AAS in vision care technology, I will not have any issue finding a job back home. Spokane Community College is one of two programs in the country, so the training is rare.

So once I have a job, and the $1,000 it takes to rent a moving truck (hopefully with my tax return, or even better with an employer paying relocation fees) I'll be living back home!!

Things I'm looking forward to:

Family, family, family
Greater social opportunities
Blue skies
Fewer smokers
Better market to build my ASEA business
Hogle Zoo
4 hours to Moab!!

My prayer and goal is that this will all happen within the next 6 weeks. So stay tuned and I hope to bring even more exciting news soon!


  1. Yay! Holy cow it's about time. I'm so glad that the way is being prepared for you. I hope this brings some progress and positive change for your family. I guess I'll have to come to Utah then to visit, huh?

  2. Yay! My friend works in the Target Optical in Centerville. If you want, I can get you in touch with each other. Maybe she can help. Good luck with everything!